Oller, J., Engel, A., & Rochera, M. J. . (2024). Bridging Learning Experiences In and Out of School: Students’ Views. International Journal of Educational Psychology, 1(1), 1–21. https://doi.org/10.17583/ijep.12857

This article presents an exploratory study examining the importance that students attribute to pedagogical strategies focused on bridging learning in-and-out of school. The aim is twofold: to analyse students’ views of such strategies in different types of school (personalised learning -PL- and mirror schools), and to investigate whether different perceptions appear among three selected PL schools according to their degree of implementation of such strategies. We have administered the EPAE-A questionnaire to a sample of 3001 students (1481 from 5 PL schools, and 1520 from 5 mirror schools) to determine the value to these type of strategies for learning.

The results indicate broad student agreement on the importance of connected learning strategies for learning and engagement in both groups. Moreover, our analysis reveals a certain relationship between the amount of pedagogical strategies aimed at promoting connections between in and out of school learning in the three selected cases and the perceived frequency reported in the questionnaire.  In conclusion, our study highlights different elements to help teachers implement connected learning strategies in classrooms.