Project data

Collaborative writing tasks in Moodle: Analysis of the impact of a teaching innovation on the autonomous management of the task and elaboration of meaning

Main Researcher: Teresa Mauri

Research Team:

Financing source: University of Barcelona

Reference: 1002-23

Start date: 2010
End date: 2012

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This project proposes a quasi-experimental study of university instructors’ assistance to the students’ collaboration in a joint writing task by means of the Moodle platform. Two different values are considered for the independent variable: assistance aimed at the management of the task and assistance aimed at the management of meanings. The project consists of a pilot study of four small collaborative groups (4-5 students) in a course of the Teacher Education degree at the University of Barcelona, followed by a broader study in which six small collaborative groups of 4-5 students at two different subjects of the same degree are analyzed..
The project grounds on the results of a previous project, which highlighted the need for in-process assistance during the on-line collaborative writing tasks, not just related to the different drafts of the products (texts) but especially related to the process of joint construction, from the point of view of both the collaboration between different participants and the processes of negotiation of meanings.