Project data

Context, reference, and construction of meanings in educational interaction

Main Researcher: César Coll

Research Team:
Enric Bolea
Rosa Colomina
Inés de Gispert
Rosa Mayordomo
Javier Onrubia
M. Cinta Portillo
María José Rochera
Teresa Segués
Laura Pla

Financing source: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

Reference: PB87-0060

Start date: 1988
End date: 1991

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Under the influence of the constructivist paradigm, practically during the two last decades a good part of the researchers in Psychology of Education have orientated their efforts to the study of psychological processes which take part in the construction, diversification and enrichment of the representations or meanings constructed by students.

However, few works have taken the option of analyzing the interpsychological devices by which it is possible to influence on these constructive processes with an educative intentionality. The analysis of those devices is planned from a theoretical angle which conceives the educational influence as the result of the joint construction of systems of shared meanings and conveys an essential role to semiotic mediation -that is, to the discourse produced by the interacting participants- as the connection between the context in which the activity takes place and the meanings or representations they construct.

So, in order to confront empirically this approach and deepen in the understanding of the explanatory hypothesis which derives from our theoretical assumptions, we analyzed a series of observational registers corresponding to four...(+)