Project data

Assessment of mathematics learning in compulsory education: psychopedagogical and curricular referent, normative referent and assessment practices

Main Researcher: César Coll

Research Team:
Elena Barberà
Javier Onrubia

Financing source: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

Reference: APC95-0129

Start date: 1995
End date: 1996

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The project's purpose was to contribute to the revision and improvement of the usual practices of assessment of students' learning, in alignment with the educational reform that was undertaken in Spain within the decade of 1990's (LOGSE). In agreement with this objective, the project deals with the problematic of classroom assessment from four different perspectives. It intends:

* first, to deepen in the analysis of the relations between the psychoeducational and the curricular referent and the normative referent,
* second, to identify the assessment practices - strategies, procedures, tools and activities- commonly used by the teachers, and to consider their coherence with the conceptual and normative aspects supported by the reform,
* third, to investigate the stress and conflicts that come out for teachers during classroom assessment between the decisions with a pedagogical function -referring to measures of regulation of the teaching and learning process- and the decisions that rather follow a social function -such as certifying the accomplishment of learning goals, giving marks and qualifications- that usually accompany the assessment results,
* and...(+)