Project data

Joint activity and talking strategies in checking and controlling shared meaning: learning assessment in school educational practices

Main Researcher: César Coll

Research Team:
Teresa Mauri
Rosa Colomina
Joan Guardia
Mariana Miras
Javier Onrubia
María José Rochera
Isabel Solé
Inés de Gispert
Enric Valls
Elena Barberà
Rosa Mayordomo
Teresa Segués

Financing source: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

Reference: PB95-1032

Start date: 1996
End date: 1998

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In this project we tackled the study of the assessment of students' learning with a twofold goal. First, we sought to deepen in the understanding of the relationship between intrapsychological and interpsychological processes of educational influence that play a role in the knowledge construction in school settings. Certain aspects of the process of knowledge construction and the teacher's pedagogical help often become explicit during assessment activities in the classroom, whereas they keep hidden in other situations. Secondly, we intended to contribute to a better understanding of the resources and difficulties that the primary and secondary teachers encountered when trying to implement the guidelines of the Educational Reform Act of 1990 in Spain (L.O.G.S.E.)

The forms of organisation of the joint activity and the discursive activity of teachers and students, as well as the tension between the pedagogical and the social functions of assessment are the starting points to enunciate a set of research hypothesis. The empiric verification of the hypothesis was undertaken through the analysis of observational data from video recordings of classroom assessment situations in...(+)