Project data

Interaction and educational influence: knowledge construction in electronic teaching learning settings

Main Researcher: César Coll

Research Team:
Research Team GRINTIE (Universidad de Barcelona): Teresa Mauri, Rosa Colomina, Javier Onrubia, María José Rochera, Inés de Gispert, Rosa Mayordomo, Mila Naranjo, Ana Remesal, Teresa Segués, Gemma Aguado, Anna Engel, Carli Farràs, Eva Gea, Marc Lafuente.

Research Team EDUS (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): Carles Sigalès, Antoni Badia, Elena Barberà, Anna Espasa, Daniela Ruiz.

Financing source: Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

Reference: Proyecto coordinado BSO2001-3680-C02-01

Start date: 2002
End date: 2004

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This project deals with the analysis of devices of educational influence, that is, the inter-psychological processes through which teachers and peers help students to build knowledge in formal situations of teaching and learning, a central issue from a constructivist perspective.

Within this framework, and building on previous work of the research team, the project has as a main goal to identify and describe the devices of educational influence in formal settings of teaching and learning that use non-face-to-face forms of interaction based on the use of the new technologies of information and communication.

The proposal for the project consists of a deep analysis, by means of a comparative case study methodology, of five instructional processes that exemplify these forms of interaction in different ways in terms of variables like age, educational level, emphasis put on the activities and self-learning materials, existence or lack of face-to-face interaction in addition to non-face-to-face interaction, the degree of interactive richness of the teaching and learning activities, and the diversity and richness of the technological resources.