Project data

The acquisition of competences of self-regulation and collaboration in quality teaching-learning contexts focused on student and mediated by ICT

Main Researcher: Teresa Mauri

Research Team:
Grupo de Innovación Docente en Psicología de la Educación (GIDPE) César Coll (coord.), Alfonso Bustos, Marc Clarà, Rosa M. Colomina, Anna Engel, Anna Ginesta, Inés de Gispert,Mila Naranjo, Javier Onrubia, Ana Remesal, M. José Rochera, M. Teresa Segués

Grupo de Innovación en Ecología (GIE): Maria Rieradevall (coord.), Xavier de Pedro, Pilar López, Biel Obrador, Teresa Vegas

Grupo de investigación e innovación docente en Lengua y Literatura (GRIDLlL): Catalina Martínez (coord.), Glòria Bordons, Elisabet Costa, Dolors Font, Beatriu Guarro, Joan Manuel, Rosa Sayós, Francina Torras

Financing source: ICEB - Institut de Ciències de l'Educació de la Universitat

Reference: B0601-05

Start date: 2006
End date: 2008

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The competences of self-regulation and collaboration are necessary in the large majority of professional fields, and therefore also in most university degrees. Thus, we need to understand how these competences are constructed and how they can be fostered in Higher Education contexts.

The aim of this project is to deepen in the understanding of the construction of these two competencies in different university degrees, and of how the mediation of ICT can foster such construction. In order to achieve this aim, a study of three different cases of teaching innovation is proposed. These cases are situated in different degrees of the University of Barcelona: Teacher Education, Ecology and Biology. In all cases, an innovation based on ICT is initiated with the aim of fostering the learning of the competences of self-regulation (both at an individual and group level) and collaboration. For each case, the innovation and its impact on the development of the competences of self-regulation and collaboration of students are analyzed in order to understand the process of construction of the competences, the role of the lecturer, and the mediation of ICT.

More concretely, the project...(+)