Project data

Collaborative writing tasks mediated by Moodle. An analysis of their impact on teaching and assessment practices in higher education

Main Researcher: Teresa Mauri

Research Team:
Alfonso Bustos
Marc Clarà
Rosa M. Colomina
Anna Engel
Ana Ginesta
Inés de Gispert
Mila Naranjo
Javier Onrubia
Ana Remesal
M. José Rochera
M. Teresa Segués

Financing source: ICEB - Institut de Ciències de l'Educació de la Universitat

Reference: A0801-16

Start date: 2008
End date: 2010

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The collaborative elaboration of written texts is one of the most common instructional tasks in Higher Education. In the last years, the use of the Moodle platform has been widespread and, hence, new tools for supporting collaborative writing, such as wikis or forums, have became available to lecturers and students. The way in which these technological collaboration tools modify the joint construction of knowledge is still insufficiently known nowadays.

Whithin this framework, the goals of the project are:
1. To identify models of teaching intervention in contexts of virtual collaborative writing tasks mediated by Moodle.
2. To propose an evaluation a rubric for the assessment of the joint construction of knowledge by means of collaborative writing tasks.
3. To offer indications for the improvement of the teaching intervention in this kind of instructional activity, including the use of rubrics.