Project data

Expandir la col·laboració entre universitat i escola en el pràcticum de Mestre/a: la construcció conjunta d equips formatius com a comunitats de pràctica

Main Researcher: Javier Onrubia

Research Team:
Rosa Colomina
Anna Ginesta
Horacio Vidosa

Financing source: Agència d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR), Generalitat de Catalunya

Reference: 2020 ARMIF 00010

Start date: 2021
End date: 2022

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The general aim of the project is to improve practicum in the Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education, from an approach based on school-university collaboration, the creation of collaborative teams between mentor teachers and university supervisors, the participation of student teachers in communities of practice as the basis of their learning, interaction between practical knowledge and academic knowledge in teacher training, a reflective approach to professional performance, and the consideration of schools as learning organisations.

It is proposed in continuity with previous projects of the same research team (2014 ARMIF 00052, 2015 ARMIF 00014, and 2017 ARMIF 00011). Through these projects, we have designed and developed a proposal for the practicum in the Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education at the University of Barcelona, which is organised around different spaces of joint mentoring between teacher tutors, university supervisors and student teachers.

The project incorporates three new elements into this proposal ("institutional coordination workshop-spaces", "expanded tutor workshop-spaces" and "expanded shared workshop-spaces"). These new elements are aimed at...(+)