Project data

Personalising learning through students’ interests. Teacher collaboration and students’ engagement. ENGAGING_U

Main Researcher: Anna Engel & Judith Oller

Research Team:
César Coll
Rosa Colomina
Teresa Mauri
Marta Minguela
Javier Onrubia
Jordi Renom
Mª José Rochera

Financing source: Ministry of Science and Innovation and State Research Agency

Reference: PID2020-116223RB-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033

Start date: 2021
End date: 2024

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The general purpose of this research is to study the processes of implementation of educational practices that foster student’s involvement and commitment to the school activities.

This project pursues the achievement of three objectives:
i) to explore the perception of teachers, students and their families about the factors that promote the involvement and commitment of students in school activities and learning, as well as their expectations regarding the impact of this participation on the students’ personal and professional future;
ii) into gain understanding of how certain personalised practices help students to built and rebuilt their own interests, as well as the role these practices play in promoting learning with meaning and personal value for students;
iii) to describe and understand the dynamics of teachers cooperation in the processes of design, monitoring and evaluation of improvements in their teaching practice.

The project adopts a mixed-method approach strategy, combining an extensive quantitative approach with an intensive qualitative approach based on a multiple case study.

The methodological strategy used is specified in five...(+)