Project data

Improving autonomous learning by enhancing the attribution of meaning of Educational Psychology students in Teacher Education

Main Researcher: Rosa Maria Colomina

Research Team:
Mónica Aldana
Ana Anton
Pilar Caballero
Rosa Maria Colomina
Anna Engel
Anna Ginesta
Marta Gracia
Tania Gri
Esther Nadal
Judit Oller
Glòria Rigol
Maria José Rochera
Ana Remesal
Claudia Portilla
Núria Viñoles
Horacio Vidosa

Financing source: Vicerectorat de Política Docent i Científica – Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent- Universitat de Barcelona

Reference: 2019PID-UB/031

Start date: 2019
End date: 2022

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Despite the efforts made by university teachers over the last 30 years to improve students’ autonomous learning, this remains one of the current challenges in higher education. The changes introduced in learning as consequence of the information and communication society, and the competence approach of university education demand new conceptualizations and new teaching actions to improve learning.

Specifically, this project aims to improve students´ active participation and their engagement in learning, from the perspective of personalization of learning (Coll, 2018), by achieving the following objectives:

1. Improve student engagement, and its follow-up by teachers, using tools for autonomous learning, in the framework of learning and assessment activities. This involves developing a system, with the support of technology, to help students reflect on their individual and group learning.
2. Improve the engagement of students in their learning favoring the attribution of personal meaning by designing and developing a proposal of learning and assessment activities (paying special attention to the incorporation of possibilities of choice for students -individually or in...(+)