Project data

A proposal of school-university collaboration in the practicum focused on the reasons for change and improvement of the school

Main Researcher: Javier Onrubia

Research Team:
Maria Eugènia Arús
Montserrat Balsera
Glòria Bertran
Núria Canela
Rosa Colomina
Judit Escoda
Àlex Garcia
Anna Ginesta
Nagore Irruñategi
Ma. José Harto
Paloma Llaquet
Leticia López
Agurtzane Martínez
Teresa Mauri
Rosa Mayordomo
Rosa Sayós
Daniel Solera
Horacio Vidosa
Irene Yúfera

Financing source: Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR)

Reference: ARMIF 2017 00011

Start date: 2018
End date: 2020

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The project's aim is to design, implement, assess and delimit the conditions to generalize a proposal to improve the practices of primary school teacher students guided by three basic principles: collaboration between school and university, joint reflection about and for the action by students and tutors of practices, and the commitment with innovation, change and improvement of teachers and schools.

To achieve this goal, the project adopts a methodological strategy of “design-based research” (DBR), with two cycles or iterations. Five schools, students assigned to these schools in the Practicum subjects, their tutors and their university tutors participate in the project. In each iteration, information will be collected through interviews with participants, records of the sessions of the two types of workshops, and collection of materials and evidence of learning...(+)