Project data

The evaluation of the practical knowledge in the practicum. A collaborative proposal between school and university based on reflection.

Main Researcher: Javier Onrubia

Research Team:
Nerea Agirre
Ma. Eugènia Arús
Carme Colina
Rosa Colomina
Judit Escoda
Flor Isabel Jiménez
Agurtzane Martínez
Teresa Mauri
Rosa Mayordomo
Teresa Nuñez de Arenas
Rosa Sayó

Financing source: Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR).

Reference: 2015 ARMIF 00014

Start date: 2016
End date: 2018

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Research on teachers training shows that, when teachers think and act in practice, they rely not only in academic knowledge, but also in practical knowledge, a particular kind of knowledge which is linked to specific situations and related to action and personal experience. Opposite to academic knowledge, practical knowledge typically considers situations in an holistic way, involves emotional and moral issues, and is –at least partially--, implicit and tacit.
Research also shows that practical knowledge is not usually taken into account when students are assessed during field experience, or that it is considered in a very different manner by the mentor teachers at the school and the university supervisors of field experience at the university. This different consideration diminishes the coherence and the formative value of the field experience. It also reinforces the feeling of disconnection between university and school, and makes difficult for student teachers to make sense of field experience and to learn from it. From this situation, the project aims to design, develop and evaluate a proposal of how to assess practical knowledge during student teachers field experience,...(+)