Project data

Learning with meaning. Strategies, tools and practices for personalizing school learning.

Main Researcher: César Coll (Universitat de Barcelona)

Research Team:
Demarcation of Barcelona:
Engel, A. (Coordinator, Universitat de Barcelona)
Oller, Judith (Universitat de Barcelona)
Rochera, María José (Universitat de Barcelona)
Largo, Mariana (Universitat de Barcelona)
Merino, Iris (Universitat de Barcelona)
Membrive, Antonio (Universitat de Barcelona)
Añazco, David (Universitat de Barcelona)
López, Irene (Universitat de Barcelona)

Demarcation of Lleida:
Manzano, Raül (Coordinator, Centre de Recursos Pedagògics del Segrià)
Bonet, Amadeu (Institut d’Educació Secundària Josep Vallverdú)
Lladós, Laura (Escola Bressol Municipal Balafia)
Carrillo, Carolina (Escola Camps Elisis)
Llovera, Gemma (Institut d’Educació Secundària Josep Vallverdú)
Majó, Fanny (Escola Francesco Tonucci)
Zapater, Maria (Institut d’Educació Secundària Josep Vallverdú)

Demarcation of Madrid:
Martín, Elena (Coordinator, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Solari, Mariana (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Hernández, Laura (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Nieto, Mara (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Martín, Javier (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Pérez, Eva Mª (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Demarcation of México:
Díaz Barriga, Frida (Coordinator, Universidad Autónoma de México)
Gasca, María Alejandra ((Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Heredia, Abraham (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
López, Edmundo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
López, Rafael (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Ramírez, Minerva (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Vázquez, Verónica (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Zárate, Fernando (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Financing source: Instituto de Tecnologías, Educación y Aprendizaje (INTEA), Fundación Santa María -FSM

Reference: Proyecto FBiG 308977

Start date: 2016
End date: 2019

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This project is part of the efforts that are currently being carried out at different levels (teaching practices, research and educational policies) to reinforce and recover the meaning that children, young people and adults attribute to their learning in formal and educational institutions. The loss of the sense of education and school learning is a phenomenon that is manifested at practically all levels of the education system and affects different countries. Among its causes, it is worth mentioning the fact that students often perceive that the school learning is disconnected from their personal trajectories of learning. This is why one of the most important ways to help students to recover, reinforce and reconstruct the meaning of school learning is to break down the barriers that separate school learning from personal learning trajectories, that is, to personalize the learning that takes place in formal education institutions. Personalization is a remaining question in schools. However, there are schools, institutes and teachers that are developing practices that seek to move in this direction.

Considering this scenario, the project aims to identify, document, analyze and...(+)