Project data

Assistance to knowledge construction in student teachers' practicum: How joint reflection on action improves the theory-practice relationship

Main Researcher: Teresa Mauri

Research Team:
Nerea Agirre García
Miguel Jesús Bascón Díaz
Mariam Bilbatua Perez
Marc Clarà Garangou
Rosa Maria Colomina Álvarez
Mercedes Cubero Perez
Rosario Cubero Pérez
Anna Ginesta Fontserè
Olaya Jiménez Arrieta
Elena López de Arana Prado
Agurtzane Martínez Gorrochategui
Francisco Javier Onrubia Goñi
Andrés Santamaria Santigosa
Bárbara Toledo Fierro
Anna Usubiaga Arizmendi

Financing source: Proyectos de I+D “EXCELENCIA” SUBPROGRAMA DE GENERACIÓN DE CONOCIMIENTO 2013. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

Reference: EDU2013-44632-P

Start date: 2014
End date: 2017

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This project addresses the problem of the relations between theory and practice in teacher education, by means of a study of the processes of joint reflection on action in the subjects of Practicum. Although these processes of reflection have been shown as useful for the improvement of the relations between theory and practice, the current literature makes evident the necessity of better understanding, at least, two aspects of these processes.

Firstly, it is necessary a better understanding of how the knowledge of future teachers develops within these processes of joint reflection on action. To this regard, there is consensus in the literature about the distinction between two types of knowledge, which in this project have been called “situational representations” and “academic representations”. Academic representations are the kind of knowledge typically produced and taught at universities, and situational representations are representations of specific situations of practice, and they are the kind of knowledge which mainly guides teaching practice. While this distinction is quite a common place in the current literature about teachers knowledge (although different...(+)