Project data

Creation of a teaching instrument of visualization for the control and improvement of teaching and learning actions in online courses

Main Researcher: Ana Remesal

Research Team:
César Coll
Teresa Mauri
Javier Onrubia
Mª José Rochera
Rosa Mª Colomina
Anna Engel
Marc Clarà
Alfonso Bustos
Inés De Gispert
Anna Ginesta
Marta Arias
Oriol Pla

Financing source: Vicerectorat de Política Docent i Científica – Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent- Universitat de Barcelona

Reference: 2012 PID-UB005

Start date: 2012
End date: 2013

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In the last decades, studies about CSCL have flourished in virtual learning contexts. A great deal of visualization tools have been developed with the purpose of improving the participants’ activity in the virtual courses. However, most of them present several limitations such as providing only quantitative, instantaneous information, only referring to concrete short term forum activities, forgetting the fact that online courses might include a variety of spaces and activities in parallel.
A software will be designed for the visual reports of the participants’ online activity in a multi-space and with a chronological criterium in order to facilitate the management of the online course.
The project is carried out in collaboration with members of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya...(+)