Project data

Using Moodle "feedback" module as an assessment rubric tool

Main Researcher: César Coll, Alfonso Bustos & Anna Engel

Research Team:
Marc Clarà
Rosa Colomina
Anna Ginesta
Inés de Gispert
Teresa Mauri
Javier Onrubia
Ana Remesal
María José Rochera

Financing source: Vicerectorat de Política Docent i Científica – Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent- Universitat de Barcelona

Reference: PID 2011

Start date: 2010
End date: 2011

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This project aims to use rubrics for peer assessment using the Moodle platform’s feedback tool. This use is proposed as an aid to improve the skills of students in oral presentations and the skills related to the management of both face to face and virtual debates.

This purpose is in the broader context of finding solutions to some of the problems and difficulties in assessing the competence of the students facing higher education today, by exploring alternative approaches to traditional evaluation.

Rubrics are rating scales down in progressive levels of expertise related to the quality of oral presentations. The rubrics are generated from the intersection of two dimensions: the criteria or indicators and the extent to which these indicators are present in terms of progressive levels of performance ranging from the poorest to the excellent execution.

The purpose is concretized in the following two objectives:

1. To design and use rubrics for peer assessment of oral presentations and debates. Its purpose is twofold: to contribute to improving the skills of students in relation to these activities and learning about the specific contents of the course. For this...(+)