Project data

Virtual Learning Community in Interuniversitarian Postgraduate Program in Educational Psychology (MIPE-DIPE): A proposal to encourage scholarly communication and improve training.

Main Researcher: César Coll, Alfonso Bustos, & Anna Engel

Research Team:
Marc Clarà
Rosa Colomina
Anna Ginesta
Inés de Gispert
Teresa Mauri
Javier Onrubia
Ana Remesal
María José Rochera

Financing source: Vicerectorat de Política Docent i Científica – Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent- Universitat de Barcelona

Reference: PID 2011

Start date: 2008
End date: 2013

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The aim of this project is to create a virtual learning community to promote communication and exchange of information among participants, students and teachers of two postgraduate programs coordinated by the University of Barcelona: the Interuniversity Master in Educational Psychology (MIPE) and the Interuniversity Doctorate in Educational Psychology (DIPE). These programs are a joint initiative of four universities of Catalonia -Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Girona and Universitat Ramon Llull- aimed to the students and the professionals interested in acquiring a solid theoretical and practical formation in the field of the psychological knowledge applied to educational practice.

The purpose is concretized in the following two objectives:

a) To provide teachers and students access to quality information. Our aim is to enhance student learning in the skills of scientific exchange, accessing and providing a variety of materials related to the contents and issues of the educational psychology field.

b) Offer to teachers and students a space to promote the use of the virtual environment to communicate frequently and to exchange...(+)