Project data

Scripts for group work. A proposal for learning collaborative working competencies in Graduate and Postgraduate level in Educational Psychology

Main Researcher: Javier Onrubia

Research Team:
César Coll
Rosa M. Colomina
Anna Engel
Inés de Gispert
José Ramón Lago (U. Vic)
Teresa Mauri
Emília Molas (URV)
Mila Naranjo (U. Vic)
Ana Remesal
M. José Rochera
Enric Valls (URV)

Financing source: Departament d'Universitats, Recerca i Societat de la Informació, DURSI. Generalitat de Catalunya

Reference: 2009MQD00073

Start date: 2009
End date: 2011

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The aim of the project is to design and develop scripts for performing the collaborative tasks included in the instructional program of the courses under study. The courses follow a problem based and case analysis methodology.

These scripts may refer to different aspects of the organization and development of group activities, such as:

-phases of development of the activity;

-instructions regarding the tasks and subtasks in each phase;

-the group composition and organization in each task or phase;

-the possible distribution of information, materials and resources among participants;

-relations and interactions between groups, and with the lecturer;

-the process of reflection and evaluation of the activity by the participants;

-the timing of the different phases and of the whole activity.

We consider the possibility of incorporating some of these scripts into online resources for teaching support, such as certain moodle tools, which have already been used by the research team in previous projects, as well as in their teaching activities (for instance ‘tasks’, ‘consultations’, etc.).
This aim implies:

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