Project data

Elaboration, development and evaluation of TPEC (Terrassa Educational Project of the City)

Main Researcher: César Coll

Research Team:
Rosa Colomina
Teresa Mauri
Javier Onrubia
M. José Rochera

Financing source: Patronato Municipal de Educación de Terrassa

Reference: FBG301426

Start date: 2001
End date: 2002

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This project is based on a wide vision of education, adapted to the citizens necessities in the new social, economic and cultural new scenario of the beginnings of XXI century.

There are two important ideas: the social commitment and responsibility with the education, and the city role as an educator.

From the methodological point of view, the design, development and evaluation process of the TPEC use previous experiences in other cities, and also includes some specific characteristics. As a whole, we can point up the main principles of this process: the will of realize a collective project with all the citizenship as a participant, the link with Terrsassa tradition related with pedagogical innovation and renovation, the election of prior areas of action depending on its relevance and tradition in the city, the elaboration of a detailed and rigorous diagnostic of the situation in these areas and the design of concrete action plan and programs which take advantage and promote the resources and actions already existing...(+)