Project data

BASIC. Fundamental knowledge, key competence

Main Researcher: C├ęsar Coll

Research Team:
Alfonso Bustos
Anna Engel
Teresa Mauri

Financing source: Fundaci├│ Jaume Bofill

Reference: NR876816

Start date: 2006
End date: 2007

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The present situation with respect to the school curriculum is somewhat critical and paradoxical.

On the one hand, in the new social, economic, political and cultural scene in which we were, seems evident more and more the necessity to incorporate to the school curriculum new knowledge, skills and abilities, values and competences. On the other hand, a extensive sector of professors, as much of primary and secondary obligatory education , agree in valuing that it is impossible to learn and teach everything what the curricular norm establishes for the basic education.

Everything seems to indicate, consequently, that basic school curriculum has to incorporate new contents and competences; nevertheless, everything seems too to indicate that some present contents in the scholar curriculum are not so necessary...(+)