Presentation Grintie
GRINTIE´s current work is focused on learner identity construction, on the learning experiences of students outside school and how they relate with the experiences in school, personalized learning, joint reflection processes in teaching and training device and the construction of teachers' professional knowledge in the practicum.


The Group for Research on Interaction and Educational Influence (GRINTIE) belongs to the Department of Cognition, Development and Educational Psychology at the University of Barcelona (Spain). Since the beginning of its activities, at the end of the eighties, the Group is directed by Dr. César Coll. Since 1995, GRINTIE is part of the Group Development, interaction and communication in educational contexts. The quality of the research activities of this Group has been recognized by the Department of Universities, Research and Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The aim of GRINTIE´s work is the study of educational influence processes. From this point of view, GRINTIE has treated subjects as the analysis of teacher/student and adult/child interaction, the analysis of educational discourse, the assessment of learning in the classroom or knowledge construction in computer-supported teaching / learning processes. The group has also developed intervention projects related with learning communities and educating cities.